How to Remove Dark circles Fast just in 3 Days at Home || Natural Home Remedies

hi guys today we will tell You How to Remove Dark Circles Fast just in 3 Days at Home. By Using all natural ingredients .

this is a dark circles remove cream , it,s remove your dark circles very fast and  gives u fair and soft skin around your eyes 

OK let’s get started

Ingredients :

Aloe -Vera Gel


potato juice


Cucumber Juice
Vitamin E capsules

Method : Take a Bowl ,Add  1 Table Spoon Cucumber Juice,1 Table spoon potato juice, 2 Table spoons aloe Vera Gel  , and add 2 r 3 vitamin E  capsules oil ,mix all the ingredients like cream consistency. Now your dark circles removal cream is ready , store this cream air tight container and keep refrigerator , store this up to 7 days , every day  night before going to bed massage this cream for 5 minutes  your  dark circles , then next day morning  wash eyes normal water.see the results after 3 days




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