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how to get instant Fair and glowing skin in just 10 Minutes || Natural Home Remedies


Hi guys today we will tell u how to get instant Fairness and glowing skin in just 10 Minutes

By using few natural ingredients, this is a skin lightening cream it’s work as a magical glow to your face and remove unwanted facial Hair also

Ok let’s get started


Gram Flour

Rose Water

Turmeric Powder

Milk Cream


Take a bowl, in this add 1 tea spoon milk cream, 2 tea spoons gram flour,  3 tea spoons rose water and add pinch of turmeric in it .  Mix it well get a thick& smooth paste. Now your cream is ready. Apply this paste on your face and total body leave it for 2 minutes then massage circular motion. Do this for 10 minutes. It will automatically fall down while you r rubbing  

Then wash your face and body normal water

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